Walk With Chris      

Inspired by a springtime walk. My friend and I first came across a tree arrayed in glorious pink buds. It was magical and abundant. We stayed for a long time, taking pictures and videos, and just soaking in the goodness. As we continued on our walk, we came to a singular bush tree with absolutely no signs of new life. While in some ways the polar opposite to our previous near-heavenly experience, we found ourselves equally in awe of the beauty of these bare-naked branches. Again, pictures from many angles were taken.

That night I created this piece, and it just keeps expanding in depth of meaning. For some of us, we are raised in tremendous abundance. Not only are we well-fed, clothed, and educated. But we know LOVE and steadiness of sweet home life, mixed with other beautiful ties to community and friends. The first tree. But others grow up in living nightmares. They may or may not have been well-fed, well-clothed, or secure. Their lives have been etched so deeply with atrocities in their homes and communities that for some, it is a miracle that they are still alive today. The bankruptcies of their childhood shadow and shatter them throughout the remainder of their adult lives. The second tree.

     Or Customize For Your Wall    

I have partnered with Pixels to offer all of my pieces as wall art. You get to choose exactly what will work for your home: canvas, framed art, metal prints, and more! 

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