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Flooded. With. Love.

God says that His ways are so much higher than our own, and Hannah Galactic has spent a lifetime seeking that more of God. Walking in deep, transparent intimacy with the King, her art is a small glimpse into her personal prayer life, unveiling just some of the vast intricacies of a greater reality, one that exists within more dimensions than the human mind can fathom…Magic, Beauty, Innocence, and Goodness! To capture this multi-dimensionality, Hannah uses the art of montage to combine numerous creative disciplines into one new, cohesive whole. Leaning on her years as a graphic designer, she then explores the most provocative methods to showcase her work.


With a great love for juxtaposition and an intense understanding that two apparently dichotomous ideas can both be equally true, Hannah’s art depicts that which typically can’t be seen by the naked eye — whether micro- or macro-cosms, searing emotions, or hidden treasures of spiritual truths (keys to the Kingdom). Her greatest desire is to bask in more and more of God and His ways, continually inviting others down the road of the narrow path that leads to the most ecstatic fulfillment of divine love.

Who Is Hannah Galactic?


I was 14 when I first knew I had encountered God. It was the beginning of high school when as a young girl (raised by Jewish atheists) I "accidentally" landed in an all-Korean Bible study. Nothing would ever be the same.

Since that day, my life has been marked by one thing: Intimacy with God. I was in college when I heard from Him about the devastating truth of my future: "The first half of your life is about building your character...And it's going to hurt!"

The next 25 years were definitely filled with an excruciating array of suffering...from emotional intensities, to battling cancer, to everything in between. But such a lovely reality emerged, best summed up by this beautiful statement: "In the midst of not finding You, I found You like never before."

Now, on the second half of my journey, I get the privilege of sharing the hope that has been cultivated deep deep deep within my soul. This second half of my life...It's going to be quite the wild and exquisite ride!!!



Several years ago, I felt like God asked me to draw my face. And so I clumsily did. And while I am not a traditional realist, the results were....dismal, may I even say distorted. And then He spoke: "How can you expect to beautifully connect with others if you don't understand your own beauty?" So I have tried to listen and grow in this area. During the first several months of the pandemic, largely isolated from the rest of the world and sequestered away with God, did a lot. And then He once again told me to draw my face. I was so nervous going into it, but I am insanely pleased with the results. This is my face. This is my essence. 

I am gentle. I love beauty, goodness, and innocence – God’s Kingdom. And I am moved at the highest levels when people work nobly together for good. My emotions are intense and at the surface. It is a difficult but powerful way to live. I am a warrior, and my life is offered as a perpetual sacrifice to God. I have chosen and delight in childlike faith because of my deep love for His Kingdom. I am His Bride, filled with womanly charms. I pick up on nuances of the inner being and overall atmosphere at levels that would pummel the average person. God has molded me to change atmospheres versus being overcome by them. And yet, my reprieve is found in nature and animals who constantly sing of God’s glory. But ultimately, I seek His presence and wisdom in all things.

I am a problem solver, a pattern seeker. And I am being guided to see things through a multi-dimensional lens.

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