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Finding The More of God
   Seeking The Wildly Sacred   

—  Dueling Kingdoms  —

Join me in this ongoing artistic prayer journey to find ways to access more of God's Kingdom while living in this harsh world.

Prophetic Artists-Hannah Galactic-Garden_Phase1.jpg
Prophetic Artists-Hannah Galactic-Garden-Phase2.jpg

      Is there any greater purpose than to walk  
  with God in the cool of the day?  

Prophetic Artists-Hannah Galactic-Garden_Phase1.jpg

  Walk With Chris  

Abundance and Devastation live within us all.


The Romance Series

Romance Strip.png

In my first-ever series, I explored the intricacies of deep, precious relationships. Originally developed to be given away at Burning Man, I had no idea going into the project just how much I would personally grow through the experience – both artistically and in relational insight. Themes throughout include the reality that life exists within multiple dimensions, and that the macro- and micro-verse are actually quite similar – one too big and the other too small to be fully seen. The Galactic Rose/The Brain appears in many pieces, representing God, the center of it all.

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