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Finding The  MORE  of God

Do you feel a longing inside for something deeper in your spiritual journey? Do you have a sense, an itch that there just has to be more? Does your heart skip a beat, aching for an intimate connection with God — something so breathtaking, so powerful that it transforms everything?

I have spent a lifetime grasping for the hem of His garment, giving everything I have to see His Face, yearning with my entire being for His Kingdom to come. The art that I create is but a small glimpse into a very profound prayer life. My connection with God IS my everything! And I so want to share it with you! As my heart continues to beat ever-more in sync with His, I have discovered God's own pulsating, passionate desire for me...and for you! So please join me, and let's chase after God together! I KNOW that in this holy pursuit, the more of God will continually astound us with unfathomable beauty.

—  Dueling Kingdoms  —

This 3-year passion project has been a life-altering, daily pursuit, seeking God for how to access all of His Kingdom while living in the spiritual battlefield of this world. 


      Is there any greater purpose than to walk  
  with God in the cool of the day?  


  Walk With Chris  

Abundance and Devastation live within us all.


The Romance Series

Romance Strip.png

In my first-ever series, I explored the intricacies of deep, precious relationships. Originally developed to be given away at Burning Man, I had no idea going into the project just how much I would personally grow through the experience – both artistically and in relational insight. Themes throughout include the reality that life exists within multiple dimensions, and that the macro- and micro-verse are actually quite similar – one too big and the other too small to be fully seen. The Galactic Rose/The Brain appears in many pieces, representing God, the center of it all.


  Every poem deserves a piece of art...  

In 2020, I published 25 years of poetry on Medium, and decided that each poem needed its own artwork. These poems traverse the good, the bad, and the ugly, transparently showcasing the full intensity of my journey. And I have made my favorite art pieces available for purchase!

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