Flooded. With. Love.

God says that His ways are so much higher than our own, and Hannah Galactic has spent a lifetime seeking that more of God. Walking in deep, transparent intimacy with the King, her art is a small glimpse into her personal prayer life, unveiling just some of the vast intricacies of a greater reality, one that exists within more dimensions than the human mind can fathom…Magic, Beauty, Innocence, and Goodness! To capture this multi-dimensionality, Hannah uses the art of montage to combine numerous creative disciplines into one new, cohesive whole. Leaning on her years as a graphic designer, she then explores the most provocative methods to showcase her work.


With a great love for juxtaposition and an intense understanding that two apparently dichotomous ideas can both be equally true, Hannah’s art depicts that which typically can’t be seen by the naked eye — whether micro- or macro-cosms, searing emotions, or hidden treasures of spiritual truths (keys to the Kingdom). Her greatest desire is to bask in more and more of God and His ways, continually inviting others down the road of the narrow path that leads to the most ecstatic fulfillment of divine love.

  Walk With Chris  

Abundance and Devastation live within us all.


The Romance Series

Romance Strip.png

In my first-ever series, I explored the intricacies of deep, precious relationships. Originally developed to be given away at Burning Man, I had no idea going into the project just how much I would personally grow through the experience – both artistically and in relational insight. Themes throughout include the reality that life exists within multiple dimensions, and that the macro- and micro-verse are actually quite similar – one too big and the other too small to be fully seen. The Galactic Rose/The Brain appears in many pieces, representing God, the center of it all.


  Every poem deserves a piece of art...  

In 2020, I published 25 years of poetry on Medium, and decided that each poem needed its own piece of artwork. It was a perfect opportunity to delve further into abstract drawing.