The fusion of design, content, strategy & passion

Fantastic design is only the beginning. Strong communication also takes the skilled crafting of the written word. It is when the two are strategically combined together that power is unleashed. We then add several parts passion to the equation to offer a service and experience like no other.

Through her 25+ year career, Hannah Galactic has won over $1 billion in sales for her clients. And while she has always worked to ensure that her talents are only used for good, The Hannah Galactic Agency is now actively seeking clients whose mission and practices add hope to the world.

Are you making a positive difference?

Are you treating your employees with higher levels of genuine care?

Are you passionate about what you do because you know that it matters?

Then we want to come alongside you to ensure that the strength of your message and the value of your work is fully expressed.

  CASE STUDY: UrbanHydro  

It was such a pleasure to partner with Shauna Urlacher, P.E., CFM to develop the branding for her new company, UrbanHydro. So much more than logo and web development, we defined her value proposition and created the content to help her communicate what truly makes her special. And there is just so much that she brings to the table — from excellence in the flood mitigation process, to a true commitment to making the world a better place, one community at a time. You can check out the brand and website that we developed for her HERE.


For this small sampling of presentations, leave-behinds, and apps, we have screen captured each piece to highlight the interactive design while still preserving the confidential nature of the content. Please click on the    at the bottom of the first video to explore additional samples.


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